the porcelain doll

I saw a porcelain doll. She had an angelic mesmerising beauty. Once it caught your eyes, it would never let go.

I touched her cold face, amazed. She stared back, right into my soul. I said to myself, I want her.

She whispered to my soul, I am a free being, nobody masters me.

I was stubborn. I insisted. She walked away.

I will change your heart of stone to a heart of flesh, I told her.

She stopped and turned back. She came to me, opening her chest.

I looked into the darkness in her, reached in, and touched her stone heart. It was cold and dead, but the warmth of my human hand brought it to life.

I held her hand and she smiled at me. Beauty.

We started walking.

Where are we going? She asked.

Back home, I answered.

Where is it? She asked.

I pointed to the little light shinning at the end of the road.

She was unwilling to give up the dark, but she held my hand tight, and kept walking.

The light looked so close, but as we walked, it felt further and further. How far is it? How long does it take to get there?

In my hand, I could feel my warmth transforming her. She was hard and cold, but she started to become soft and alive.

At last, she grasped the air and breathed. She fell on her knees, tears all over her face and her eyes wide opened and red. What is this? She asked.

I kneeled down, looking at her, You’re becoming like me, I said.

Is it good? She asked.

Yes, it’s wonderful, I answered confidently.

We continued walking.

We finally made it to the light. We entered the gate, heavenly songs were sung. My tears fell in joy.

I looked at her with a big smile, expecting her to be happy, but she was not. She closed her eyes and her ears, full of anxiety and uncertainty. I held her to calm her down, but she was struggling in my arms.

From afar, I saw another porcelain doll. Pure beauty.

I was still holding the angry porcelain doll in my hand, watching the porcelain doll in the distance, who was already in flesh, singing the heavenly song with beautiful voice.

I want her, I said.

Whom? My porcelain doll asked, anxiously and jealously.

Her, I pointed.

My porcelain doll knew that she could not compete with the beauty of the one I wanted. So, she walked away, into the dark, in a great pain and sorrow.

Her humanly flesh could not bear the darkness. The dark air stabbed into her skin, ripped her heart into pieces, she kept walking, further and further from the light.

She made it to where I found her. She was broken and torn.

The next day, she died.

I am home, safe, and alone, watching the beautiful porcelain doll, singing the heavenly songs, from afar. She’s untouchable.

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